Our Fans!

Fans are a big part of any sport. Think of a Cub's game with no one in the stadium and you know what we mean. The food, the chanting, the music and more all add so much to the excitment of the sport.

So we have thought long and hard about how to create an excited fan base for this cycling event called a time trial. But what to do for encouragement? In talks with our fantastic sponsor, HomeMade Pizza Company we came up with the idea of a best fan prize. We let all the homeowners on our course know that some of the best bicycle racers will be zipping by their home and that if they get out and make the most noise that we'd feed them some HomeMade Pizza. Guess what. The cyclists love it too. What a concept!! By the way it IS very good pizza. Without a doubt the best we've ever tasted that you cook in your own home.

The pictures you see here are of the winners of our HomeMade Pizza Fan Contest. They each get a gift certificate for some HomeMade Pizza!!